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The TATOO clog, low

The TATOO clog, low

Tatooed clogs from the swedish forests! This classic clog model has been given a modern touch with a laser engraved text about wood. Better than making a real tatoo? Made in Sweden by the forth and fifth generation of shoe makers.

Size: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 41, 42. Normal in size. The low heal is about 3 cm high. The low model has also a comfortable recess for the big toe.

Material:  Massive sole of alder wood from Sweden. The leather is natural leather of the highest quality from Italy.

Design: Just Wood. Made in Sweden.
Left text: "Use more wood. It has always been a part of human life."
Right text: "Wood stores CO2. Be proud. Let these clogs grow old."
(The text varies a little depending on the lenght of the leather.)

Care: The natural leather will shape after your foot. The leather will darken naturally. Please use olive oil or some kind of leather treatment to protect the leather from dirt and water. You can also use the tallsoap that comes along. As well as the square piece to grind the wood if it gets some stains. Easy!


99 EUR

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